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WeThrive Partnership

Are you looking to…….

  • improve productivity?

  • safeguard wellbeing?

  • retain staff?


Do you know that you need to make tangible improvements in the above?


Working in partnership with WeThrive, Sticky Change would be delighted to help. 


What does "good" look like?

  • Your people feel aligned to the organisational purpose and are connected to both their colleagues and their customers. 

  • They are actively engaged with their work, have everything they need to perform at their best and feel highly skilled and capable. 

  • Your teams are high performing, team members feel psychologically safe and confident, they can be their true selves, and as a result, they collaborate effectively and creativity is the norm.

  • People tend to turn up on time, work hard, perform to the best of their abilities and have long service – why wouldn’t they want to stay?

Sadly, this is not always easy to achieve.  And it is even harder with people increasingly working from home and feeling less connected to the people around them.

However, it is precisely the kind of environment that ongoing use of WeThrive, alongside Sticky Change learning and development and coaching interventions, makes possible. 


What is WeThrive?

WeThrive is a tool for understanding what your people are currently experiencing and then helping you to improve on your results by focusing accurately on where you most need to get better.

When the answers to your questions are ‘not great’ managers receive suggestions that will improve the working environment and enable people to move up the continuum from merely ‘surviving’ to fully ‘thriving’.

The tool enables you to measure and create a healthy engaging environment, providing you with each of the following:

  • Engagement surveys

  • Pulse surveys

  • Coaching suggestions for managers

  • Personalised learning goals and action plans for managers

  • Curated learning content

  • World-class eLearning


And on a timely basis – you can go from survey to actionable results in just 7 days, with a 5 – 10 minute survey.


The survey digs into what the causes are of any low results and automatically generates coaching suggestions for line managers. This enables lthem to create tangible improvements in the environment they engender. 

Our experience is that these suggestions are particularly powerful for managers who are not naturally ‘people’ people and/or have limited time.  After all, who has endless time available to search through the extensive array of resources that are available nowadays?  WeThrive has done the hard work for you.

For those of use who are into the theory, it will be important to know that the 4C model is based on core ideas in humanistic psychology, positive psychology, self-determination and motivational theory, which are now at the forefront of the thinking about staff engagement and wellbeing, motivation and retention.


The Practical Stuff

An overview of the WeThrive product:

  1. There are 16 top level questions – as outlined in the 4C model

  2. Dynamic questions dig deeper if someone provides a low score, which enables you to identify key areas in need of focus

  3. Free text answers provide qualitative insights

  4. You can add your own custom questions and logo

  5. It enables you to spot high / low trends

  6. It provides you and your managers with recommended actions to improve engagement

  7. The algorithm analyses the results and generates clear, concise coaching recommendations for line managers

  8. There is an instant link to curated learning resources

  9. Managers take ownership of their learning, create learning goals, and are able to track their progress

  10. You can share reports online with managers and/or can print off results in PDF & Excel format for offline sharing


If you would like to know more please do talk to us! 

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