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Sticky Change has been instrumental to the successful roll out of our global management development program.

From design to delivery to development and support, The team have been true partners with us every step of the way – and continue to do so!

They bring fresh evidence based pragmatic solutions, a wealth of experience in various organisations and a human approach to any business challenge.

Sticky Change talk the language of business and really understand how they can bring impact and make change stick!

Dave Mills, Global Lead Trainer, Kantar

We have a very distinct caring culture and would have started our change journey with more than a little fear of impending change. The team at Sticky Change was able to tailor its approach to our culture and the mixture of different colleagues involved which made all the sessions that they ran very accessible and engaging. We also benefitted from their experience of how to manage change in yourself, how to help others with change and also more broadly with team development and team effectiveness. We even had Fiona on stage at last year’s conference talking about how people deal with change which was excellent. 

This was time and money well spent and we definitely benefited from their huge experience and skilful tailoring of approach to suit our business.

Paul Turner, Transformation Director,

Dignity Funerals

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