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Create a calm, organised and fulfilling life as you discover how to manage your energy levels in a way that works for you.



A helpful and insightful course with some great ideas to help manage the balance between work and home life, which is even more daunting during Covid. The course really helped me work on notions for motivation and improving my own and my teams productivity with some great concepts and learnings to be had. I especially liked the activities and workbook and had some good thought-provoking content.


Do you feel you have...

Long working hours?

Relentless demands on your time?

To be available 24/7?

To juggle more balls than ever before?

To deliver the work that a team of people produced previously?

This is particularly true since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

People are working EVEN longer hours

Productivity has actually increased

The dividing line between work and home has become very blurred

"How are you?"

"Very busy"


Managing your energy will help you:

Maintain the balance between getting things done and just being 'busy'

Figure out which activities deplete your energy reserves

Ensure that you spend time on activities that replenish your energy


You will look at these both from an individual and collaborative perspective. You’ll get invaluable advice on working with others and leading a team.

What you will get:

Lifetime access to the course and supporting resources to work through at your own pace.

A digital editable and interactive PDF workbook.

6 modules, including sections on

Sustaining your body

Engaging your emotions

Stimulating your mind

Aligning your purpose

60 'energy cards' relating to each of the four pillars of energy.

Your FREE Energy Account PDF report.

After finding that I am working 10+ hour days, and being less productive than in the previous 7 hour days, I found this course really helped me outline where I could make, sometimes very small changes for big impact.  The course covered everything from ideas to improve general sleep quality all the way up to challenging me to think about what I was doing on a daily basis that was neither important nor urgent but was taking up valuable time.  Fantastic course I would recommend to anyone and I’ll definitely be looking out for more from Sticky Change.

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