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"If you’re ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to engage with Sticky Change – in whatever capacity – grab hold of it with both hands! I have been lucky enough to spend 3 days with them learning and improving my coaching skills. Their passion for enabling change shone through every minute of the day, and did their wealth of experience and knowledge of the subject. Their ability and willingness to pass on their knowledge and skills is unsurpassed, as is their commitment to getting everyone involved and engaged in the learning process. Their sessions were challenging, motivating, interesting and thought-provoking, and provided opportunity for self-reflection within a safe and supportive environment, as part of the greater objective of improving coaching skills. Above all we had fun, which I firmly believe makes learning more memorable and effective. Basically, they rock!"

Learning and Development Officer, BPO Outsourcing company – Training

"Whilst we, like other public bodies, are well aware of the budget, HR procedural and structural side of change, we are conscious too of the importance of the softer side of change management. And that is where Sticky Change comes in. The support from the consultants at Sticky Change has been invaluable in preparing our staff and managers for the challenges of change. Sticky Change’s theoretical understanding and practical application of the art of change management has helped me and many of my colleagues to prepare for change and take the first steps on what will be a hard and challenging journey."

Executive Director, Local Authority – Training and Coaching

"I have worked with Sticky Change on a variety of projects, commissioning – and attending - a coaching programme for our senior managers, liaising with them on performance management training and procuring 1.1 coaching, the combination of which has enabled us to get essential coaching skills embedded in our organisation. In all my interactions with them, I experience candid feedback and great support within a trusting relationship."

HR Manager, Food and Drink Company – Training and Coaching

"I have consistently enjoyed and benefited from development work that Sticky Change provided within my organisation, it is always clearly focused on the brief, engaging and crucially founded in well researched, evidence based management theory.  I have also been fortunate enough to experienced extensive 1:1 coaching with Sticky Change throughout out my career as a senior leader.   I believe that this investment in my professional development has been central to my ability to lead change, bringing about improved outcomes and enjoyment for students.  I have used 1:1 sessions to explore and plan how I should approach leading improvement and crucially how to plan for taking the rest of the organisation with me. The coaching always provides me with clarity, well researched advice and crucially the opportunity for true reflective practice. Since initially working with Sticky Change, I have enjoyed successful career progression to Assistant Headteacher and now Deputy Headteacher. I fully appreciate that Sticky Change‘s guidance on change management and leadership has underpinned my success and I would recommend them to anyone who is leading change and driving improvement in organisations."

Deputy Headteacher, Education Sector – Training and Coaching

"The training with Sticky Change was one of the more impactful training I've been on so far. The material they shared "sticked" with me and though - given the course was just last week - I have not yet had the chance to implement changes in my work area, I have already used some of the materials at home with my son.  It is helping me overall to keep more distance and remove some emotions out of my interpersonal connections. Very helpful for me."

Global Account Manager, Food and Drink Company - Training

"The change training courses offered by Sticky Change are practical, memorable and challenging.  There is a good mix of knowledge sessions and exhilarating group work.  The group work really helps people build establish, set clear action plans and provide support. "Real change happens at Sticky Change workshops".

Head of Learning and Development, Food and Drink Company – Training

"Sticky Change delivered four training modules tailored to the learning needs of a group of six leaders who came from very different backgrounds and had very different levels of management experience. With almost 30 years in the Human Resources and Training world and having attended a variety of similar training over the years I have to advise that the four modules absolutely hit the target and that coupled with the style of delivery were nothing short of first class. Coupled with the views of my colleagues, I would say that this training are as good as it gets!!"

HR Manager, Kitchen Manufacturer – Training

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