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Executive Coaching


Sticky Change is known for its excellent provision of executive coaching. We deliver coaching on both a 1:1 and a team basis. For the organisation, coaching results in improved performance and productivity, with company objectives being more likely to be achieved, increased innovation and responsiveness to change, improved job satisfaction and enhanced succession planning.

For the individual, the potential is for increased self-awareness of their attitudes and behaviours - and the impact these may have on others. This leads to increased personal effectiveness, confidence and self-esteem, clarity on direction and personal goals, an ability to overcome limiting assumptions and achieve results.

The Sticky Change Coaching model is called CHOICES, on the basis that our coaching helps to "unstick" the individual and increases the choices available to him or her.

In addition to Executive Coaching, we offer coaching supervision on a 1:1 or group basis. This is particularly useful for internal organisational coaches to maintain professional standards and provide support and continuing development.

To quote a couple of our clients:

"I have found the coaching provided by Sticky Change to be of the highest quality.  I undertook nine coaching sessions and I learnt a great deal in each and every one.  It was a very thought provoking experience and I learnt an awful lot about myself which I have been able to apply both inside and outside of work. I genuinely believe that with the support of my coach, I have become a much better leader, able to cope with the demands and challenges of stepping up in to a senior management position. Highly recommended!"

Procurement Manager, Water Company

"The coaching sessions I had were challenging, open, constructive, relaxed and above all productive, at the end of each session I felt a real sense of achievement, that I was moving forward and that my options were becoming much clearer."

Justices Chief Executive for Magistrates Courts Service

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