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Sticky Change facilitates meetings, workshops, team events and conferences. Prior to any such intervention we will work with you exhaustedly to ensure that the interventions deliver exactly the outputs you are seeking. This is to be expected and probably no different to what any consultancy would say. But we trust that the feedback we get from our clients is both honest and accurate.

People repeatedly and most often observe that our workshops are stimulating, challenging, interactive and practical. We always encourage participants to come up with creative solutions to their challenges, that are then grounded in reality; we ensure that individuals and groups have the freedom to actively participate in the discussions while always promoting a climate of mutual respect for all opinions offered. These principles allow for discussions that are dynamic and productive, any tensions that might arise being acknowledged and resolved effectively and clear decision making and focused action plans. We are flexible and able to adapt to what is happening in the moment. Finally, while we don"t "hog the mike," we do offer the appropriate challenges when teams get stuck.

To quote a participant on a workshop with the International Atomic Energy Association:


"This workshop was excellent, well organised and well delivered. I found the facilitators to be very clear and passionate about what they were saying and easy to understand. They were very energised in their delivery which kept up our energies all day and maintained our focus and delivery. The workshop gave us the opportunity to talk candidly about our concerns and ideas for tackling the upcoming changes and to get involved in discussions that would usually be limited to senior management. Seeing the immediate feedback and commonality between groups was reassuring to know that we are on the same page."

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