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Culture Change


Sticky Change provides consultancy on the people side of change, focusing on organisational culture. We work with organisations to define the cultures that will support their strategy, measure their existing cultures, identify how to bridge the gap between the two and support them through the implementation of their culture change plans.

We use best practice tools and techniques and are accredited in the use of the Mettle Culture Gauge – a global statistically-valid culture assessment – and have worked with clients to design bespoke questionnaires.

If culture is defined as "the way we do things around here", there are a number of levers to be shifted to proactively manage it. These levers for change will have a dramatic influence on the success of the culture change process. The starting point is leadership team, reviewing the context and purpose they set, the vision they articulate, the decisions they make and how they use their time. We are skilled in supporting our clients to articulate organisational values and the underpinning behaviours, ensuring these are truly owned throughout the organisation and are reflected in the relevant business processes.

To quote a University Director for Service Development:


"Through their terrific understanding of organisational culture, its causes and its potentially positive and negative impacts, Sticky Change"s consultants helped us bring to the surface the fundamental cultural issues we faced, then to develop an action plan for dealing with them. They struck an excellent balance between supporting and challenging us and their impact was significant. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them".

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