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From the moment of our first connection I recognized that the team at Sticky Change, based on intelligent and thoughtful questioning. had a thorough and holistic understanding of our needs to present a smart solution in a rapid, fit for purpose manner.   Results focused with strong execution skills, coupled with their fast pace of design and implementation it was evident there was a good fit for a Private Equity organization. oday our organisations share a strong strategic partnership where knowing us and what is important ensures consistent successful outcome.  Our participants thrive on the shared experiences, storytelling, coaching and facilitation capabilities of the Sticky Change her team.    

Global Senior HR Leader - Pharmaceuticals company

"Coaching has given me a better understanding of myself and how I interact with people.  I have been able to use this awareness to change certain behaviours to benefit both myself and how I lead and manage my team.  This is difficult but the regular coaching sessions have been invaluable in supporting these changes and moving me on.  It is sometimes not necessarily what happens at the coaching session itself but what it initiates and how this can instil things that develop and evolve over the following weeks and months. An amazing journey so far!"

Development Director, Mining company – Executive Coaching

"Sticky Change provides excellent coaching that is progressive and holistic. It delivers real business results enabling managers to be confident in their areas of strength and proactively aware and focused on improving in their areas of development."

Customer Services Director, Outsouring Company – Executive Coaching

"The coaching sessions I had were challenging, open, constructive, relaxed and above all productive, at the end of each session I felt a real sense of achievement, that I was moving forward and that my options were becoming much clearer."

Justices Chief Executive for Magistrates Courts Service – Executive Coaching

"As a result of the coaching, I have hugely improved self-esteem, on a scale of 1 – 10, at the start of the coaching I gave myself a 4, and said that 2 years ago I was a 7, now I am a strong 8. I have lot more positive than negative feelings about myself. I am surprised that coaching has had such an impact on me. I have lots of tools now in my tool box that I can make use of."

Personal Assistant, Water Company - Coaching

"The coaching really has made such a difference to me in so many ways, my aim now is to hang on to the things I have learnt and continue to build on them, rather than go backwards again!  I know the further work we are doing with my team will help me to do this.  I have really enjoyed working with Sticky Change, you make it fun, thank you!"

Customer Service Manager, Utility Company – Executive Coaching

"I have found the coaching provided by Sticky Change to be of the highest quality.  I undertook nine coaching sessions in all and I have learnt a great deal in each and every one.  At times it has been a very thought provoking experience and I have learnt an awful lot about myself over the last twelve months which I have been able to apply both inside and outside of work. My coach is a pleasure to work with and as such it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I genuinely believe that with her support I have become a much better leader able to cope with the demands and challenges of stepping up in to a senior management position. Highly recommended!"

Procurement Manager, Water Company – Coaching

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