About us

We know the ropes

Disconcertingly, when we sat down to write this profile, we realised that, between us, we have well over 60 years of experience! We’ve navigated the corporate waves of change both as ‘hands to the tiller’ Operational Managers and as internal and external Consultants within the fields of HR and Change Management. We like to think that we have ‘done it’ and not just ‘talked about it’.

Founder members of Sticky Change are Mary, Fiona and Pauline.

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Our Clients:

Our long experience is reflected in the full time and consultancy positions we have held with organisations as diverse as: United Utilities, Accenture, Vertex, Unilever, DWP, Panorama Holiday Group, easyJet, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Cable and Wireless, Salford Primary Care Trust, Lancashire County Council and Ofsted. We have laboured both home and overseas, including Spain, Greece, Estonia, Kazakhstan...even Africa.

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The Expertise:

We are good at managing Change, especially culture change, both for the organisation and the individual. Our job is facilitate our clients through change, providing and/or challenging them with ideas, guidance, support and all in appropriate quantities. Our organisational capability even extends to providing senior interim management with a change and transformation brief.

We chose the analogy of change as a journey across the seas because of the inherent unpredictable nature of change. Planning for change can be a contradiction in itself, since change tends to be fluid and…the unexpected happens. Once you begin to change things, it sets off a series of reactions, positive and negative, just as, when you begin a sea journey, even with the best will in the world, it is not always possible to chart a safe and smooth passage. This has certainly been our experience.

What it has taught us is that - be it culture change, process change, behavioural change - you need to ask certain questions before you embark on the journey. Not just what’s your destination but also, why are you going on the journey and how are you going get there?

At least 75% of all change programmes fail…so which is the right route? Are you still right on it? Were you right when en route? If you went wrong before, what did you learn from it and if you could choose to do it differently, what would you have done?

Then as the elements assail you, you need to flex and adapt and even change direction if necessary. This should not be change for change’s sake.

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Stuff we've done...

Co-ordinated culture change programme for a FTSE 100 company which encompassed 8000 people across 7 divisions.

Delivered a one year team development programme for a leadership team which is accountable for a £70 million change programme.

Facilitated change workshops for 500 managers on behalf of a major utility client.

Trained Change Agents in the skills to manage transitional change.

Provided executive coaching to directors and senior managers across a range of sectors covering work based issues, career development and personal learning.

Collaborated with Cranfield University to design and deliver executive coaching programme for 120 senior executives which underpinned the clients strategic development programme.

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Getting our stripes...

We have two MBAs, two BAs and a BSc between us. We’re members, and have a Chartered Fellow, of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the British Psychological Society. We are MBTI, Firo B, TMP, Insights Discovery and Emotional Intelligence qualified and trained as coaches with the Academy of Executive Coaching and Ashridge Management College. We have studied Transactional Analysis, NLP, the Thinking Environment, Tai Chi and Reiki in depth and for some years.

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Fiona Cameron

fiona CameronFiona believes in getting the most out of life, as exemplified by her spending a year as a voluntary teacher – at the age of 19 – living on top of a mountain in Malawi, Africa and taking four weeks off in the middle of her career to take her Private Pilots Licence in California. The first time she landed solo she kissed the ground - so did all the residents of the local area! She’s now taken off to the valleys of Wales in search of life on the wild side. Fiona’s energy is inspirational and her power lies in her vast capacity to effortlessly construct order around chaos, build a vision and then to enable its implementation.

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Mary Clarke

Mary ClarkeMary’s passions include travelling and football. Her favourite terraces are in South America and Everton FC. Consequently, she has had some highly emotional experiences over the years! In particular, supporting the latter has equipped her to cope with the highs and lows of life and the dizzying heights of the upper echelons of the Premier League give her as much vertigo as Machu Picchu… She believes in the importance of fostering self resilience in both the individual and organisation; her instinctive talent is to be endlessly creative and innovative when seeking practical and realistic solutions that will help Sticky Change clients to inspire, and gain commitment from, their people.

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Pauline Bell

Pauline BellA veteran firewalker and graduate of the Tony Robbins International Mastery programme Pauline believes in challenging her learning edges. She is passionate about personal growth – hers and other people’s – and likes nothing better than to assist people to grow and fulfil their potential. She deals with life’s challenges through meditation and Tai Chi which allows her to bring a positive energy to everything she does. She has an inate ability to relate to and empathise with people. When it comes right down to it, she’s an eternal optimist with a good sense of humour but with her feet firmly planted on the ground!

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